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EMS Permitting | Filkin & Co EHS Limited | Shropshire

EMS & Permitting

Filkin & Co EHS Limited

Filkin have developed management systems from scratch, as well as supported the improvement of existing systems. For example, we have delivered specialist training for staff to guide them with embedding management systems into their organisations in meaningful ways. These systems have all been independently certified to the international ISO14001:2015 standard that is applicable to environmental management systems.


We also have many years’ experience with the preparation of environmental permit applications for a variety of industrial sectors including food & drink, chemical manufacture, paper/board production and energy-from-waste. For such industrial activities permit compliance is typically managed through the implementation of a certified EMS or similar system-based approaches e.g. GMP.


These diverse skills, plus our related experience enable us to rapidly identify the most effective approach to development of strategic frameworks. Our practical approach also supports the day-to-day reality of implementing ‘shop floor’ of environmental management.

Our range of EMS and permitting services is comprehensive and includes:

  • Environmental Permit (Part A and B) application preparation;

  • Specialist technical studies – Air quality, water and land quality assessment;

  • Implementation of ISO14001:2015 Environmental management systems;

  • Implementation of FIA Sustainability requirements;

  • Environmental management system conformance auditing;

  • Best available techniques assessment/justification;

  • Environmental permit condition compliance;

  • Legal review and due diligence investigations;

  • Producer responsibility & resource efficiency – WEEE audits etc;

  • Environmental and waste management training and coaching.

This broad experience of assisting clients with a wide range of environmental issues and our work on environmental management systems (including ISO14001) enables us to rapidly focus approaches in the most effective way. Filkin EHS experience has been applied to completion of a number of similar environmental projects within the UK and overseas.

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